As a backend web developer my development experience was backend centric, in the sense that makes everything handled on server, in my case it meant using blade templates of Laravel — in php — and, UI/UX handling was mainly done in a mix of vanilla javascript, jQuery and, bootstrap.

My go-to solution for making reusable components was defining blade template for each component that would include a script tag of a minified javascript file — mostly vanilla JS that uses external libraries and tools like jQuery, datatables,, etc.. …


WebRTC, the web real-time communication, a standard that enables developers to create live audio, video and, text chat applications, whether on web or mobile devices, in this article I’ll be explaining its implementation on web, so that you can start creating your own live chat web application or site.

The standard is supported by a wide variety of browsers but, they differ in some details, the implementation explained in this article should get you up and running on Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox, as I’m still working on its usage on other web browsers like Apple Safari and…

Success, the word that represents purpose in life, as so many people are looking forward to being successful, some would even go too far and say “I breathe success and, exhale accomplishments.” or, “Success is in my blood.” and, the problem with success nowadays is people’s perception and definition of it.

In general most people mistake their goals for success e.g. …


Ever since this pandemic has started back in January, and people like me living in the middle-east was somehow living with a hope, that this deadly microbe won’t hit us, several weeks later and.. Boom! we’re under partial curfew from 5pm to 6am next day, besides at the time where people were allowed to leave home they’re still encouraged to stay indoors at all times and, never go out unless it’s — dead — necessary and serious to leave safety.

Schools, universities, shops, malls, companies, factories and, more, all have been sealed shut to fight the spread of the virus…


This might seem related to a previous article of mine about the motivation of self-improvement and development movement that we find online however, in this topic I’d like to focus more on the adverse effects of that movement, rather than to what end those who are called influencers are going.

There are two types of influencers I noticed online, ones whose intentions are really to add value to the world and push people to better their lives and, the other are people who only seek fame and acknowledgement, and there’s a third kind who are already famous and very well-known…


I consider myself lucky to have lived this year, not only that I acquired new skills, but also the events and places that I have experienced, despite the usual feeling of skepticism about the new year, that it would be another ordinary year where you can live through stiff and repetitive routine, somehow there were moments of success, joy and, happiness.

Let me start with bad news first, for me this year’s struggle was career growth, every year since I’ve started working with my second family at BeInMedia, I was learning something new, adding some value to the world and…

In the first annual memory of my youngest brother’s departure from the world of the living, I write this recap of 2018, the year that in I’ve cried, laughed, groaned and, shivered in fear.

Like the beginning of any year last year has started with my birthday, followed by the birthdays of my younger brothers, we’ve got the sweetest presents and cakes thought out by my wife and, at work the annual plan was being set and goals were being aimed for, unfortunately I couldn’t really achieve the goals set that year but, in other hand my knowledge and experience…


We are all driving ourselves on the road of life, we might choose different lanes, have varying motives and, travel with several companions or move forward lonely, and each one of us has their own road and time zone, these roads might intersect, converge and, get separated at certain instances of time, and it all depends on the choices we make along the way.

Ironically all these roads have one end, the finish line of our own lives, the day when we expire, so that’s our destination, not the goal that you choose for yourself, nor the legacy you’d leave…


TLDR: A physician’s job is not only to treat patients, but also sooth their pain, reduce their anxiety and worries and, give them confidence and hope that their condition is going to be better. Not to scare them to death.

I usually prefer writing about programming and technology but, this time, I’m talking about a personal experience of my own with an unlucky accident, my almost 2-year old kid has hit my eye with a heavy smartphone, a painful smell of technology, don’t you think?

Everything seemed fine after moments of excruciating pain, my eyesight was still okay back then…


It might seem a puzzling paradox but, that’s life, as much as it worth, it is also insignificant, and I haven’t realized how much it’s small until I got an enormous hit… The loss of my youngest brother, he died in a tragic accident, I’ve been living my life aimlessly with no specific objective, except that I wanted to help people and, make their lives easier in any way I could.

His death has taken all the meanings away from my life, and everything around me now seems… Tiny, all forms of life, all people’s purposes, all their worries, their…

Mohyaddin Alaoddin

Computer geek and, emotional spontaneous writer

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